Sunday, March 17, 2013

Hello, and welcome to fubarnorthwest

Hello, and welcome to fubarnorthwest. If you don't get the title, that's because it's fubar; a term anyone who has any business here already understands. The northwest bit got tacked on because that's where I live, I love it, and all the cool names were already taken.

I want to talk about a lot of things, mostly related to how we should fix the huge problems in computer-related security. I don't know if this venue will meet my needs. In one sense, I know it won't: personal privacy is security personalized, and Google is dedicated to invading privacy. It's a big piece of their business model.

I am a big fan (as much as I am a fan of anything in a fubar world) of irony.

If we lay aside the marketing, and attempt to get to the truth of things, there is little in this world that isn't fubar. Not operating systems, the smartphone you favor, your best-loved camera or programming language, your software repository or your system of government.

It's all fubar to most of us, because we all have different priorities.

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