Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A Fractional Day in the Life

This morning (0630 or so), I was out letting the hose run onto the base of a birch tree that has an enormous climbing rose clambering through it. I'm on a well, so water is essentially free, and I often do things like this while I'm thinking about the problem de jour.

This was not obvious to the neighbor who walked by, and politely asked what I was up to. A hose doesn't make much noise, after all. From that neighbor's perspective, I was just leaning against the side of Old Scabrous, my 1990 Jeep. The conversation ran like this.

"Whatcha doing?"


"Propping up Old Scabrous?"

"Thinking about entropy."

"WTF is that?"

<brief semi-coherent explanation, while trying to save state, and not lose the better part of an hour of work>

As a reward, I got that exasperated "I live next to a twisted alien mutant from the Forbidden Zone" look. It's all cool; my neighbor knows I am harmless, even if apparently somewhat deranged, and is a very nice person.

So, there you go. A Day in the Life. Well, a snapshot of 6:30 AM life, anyway. And yes, I had been thinking about this since roughly 5:30. I keep weird hours.

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