Sunday, August 3, 2014

351 Words of Reasonable Text Written Today

And it took essentially all of Sunday to do it. Mostly that was about making certain that the results I was attempting to document were reproducible, and on what systems.

At some point I am going to have publish some sort of About This Blog post. Is it a Dear Diary sort of Day-in-the-life sort of thing? I am leaning that way, because I am not really planning to make a living as a casual writer, in security or any other field. To do that you would have to be a really talented writer, which I am not. Duh.

That said, I am capable of spending a day crafting the first 351 words of something that I believe to be both important and closely-reasoned. Is that valuable, in and of itself? No. For example, contributors to tech books famously make nothing, directly. It's more about marketing a name as a brand, a line item on a resume, etc. Which is not to say that those authors are not doing tremendously useful work.

However, readers should probably realize that there are things going on that you will never read about here; fubarnorthwest makes little financial sense.

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