Monday, September 15, 2014

A Problem With IRC Chat

A lot of discussion related to development and support in the Open Source world happens over IRC. If you are part of that community, this may be relevant to you.

[16:04] [MOTD] - **************************************************************
[16:04] [MOTD] -                       SECURITY ALERT
[16:04] [MOTD] -
[16:04] [MOTD] - Over the weekend of 13th-14th September freenode staff noticed
[16:04] [MOTD] - some compromised binaries present on a number of servers.
[16:04] [MOTD] - The servers in question have been removed from the network and
[16:04] [MOTD] - shut down.  However, it's possible that network traffic  -
[16:04] [MOTD] - including SSL traffic - has been sniffed and passwords
[16:04] [MOTD] - exposed.
[16:04] [MOTD] -
[16:04] [MOTD] - We therefore recommend that all users change their nickserv
[16:04] [MOTD] - password(s) to a new value which is not shared with any
[16:04] [MOTD] - other service.
[16:04] [MOTD] -
[16:04] [MOTD] - You can do this with /msg nickserv set password newpasshere
[16:04] [MOTD] -
[16:04] [MOTD] - Please note that investigation is ongoing to discover the root
[16:04] [MOTD] - cause of the attack, and until this investigation is complete
[16:04] [MOTD] - we cannot be 100% certain that all traces of the compromises
[16:04] [MOTD] - have been removed. We may have to ask you to change your
[16:04] [MOTD] - passwords again after analysis has completed.
[16:04] [MOTD] -
[16:04] [MOTD] - Further details will appear on

As an aside: not posting for a while (things are busy) seems to have foxed those annoying +1 bots for the moment. The ones that +1 every post you make, seconds after submission. Alas, it won't last.

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