Monday, December 1, 2014

Just Buy Spam Nation

I am still getting traffic to I'm not sure why that is. The book is out, to good reviews. For those that prefer audio/video discussion, see where there are numerous links to media that does not specialize in security matters.

Or just generally follow his blog, dammit. He's already back on ATM skimmers, which can be considered as a separate consumer safety area where he has carved out yet another niche as the go-to information source.

Here at casa de FUBAR, things are a bit busy at the moment, with things that will completely fail to interest most of the public, who just want to know how their confidential information became a $1 item in a foreign black-hat market, and what they can do to fix it.

A couple of those issues I will actually get to write about. That is not a common thing, so I am happy when it does manage to happen. But I have to repeat that this is stuff that, unless you operate in the security field, is technical, of little use to you, and will bore you to tears. In short, a waste of your time.

I'll be writing up my opinion of Spam Nation in the near future, but it will have my own twisted twist, in that it will not be a generic consumer review. Those are everywhere, so that shouldn't matter to you, if you are a consumer trying to understand this FUBAR new world. The book completely wins on that score. Really. Just buy it.

What I want to write is a post that discusses why security professionals should regard Spam Nation as important. The book succeeds on both consumer and professional levels. That is more difficult, and as I mentioned, things are a bit busy right now.

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