Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Drama Indicates FAIL

This is a post that I just tossing out there, so that I can refer to it later.

A couple of my posts have led to contacts via other channels which were all indignant, shouty, or otherwise dramatic. I mostly regard these as a source of entertainment; somewhat like most people probably regard a film based on a comic book.

This wouldn't be true in all cases. If I knew you, or you represented a current or previous client or employer, I would give the matter careful consideration. But random Internet drama, particularly from someone who is not willing to so much as respond to the post that set them off, on that post? Please.

What means is that I am too easy to contact. My only possible benefit is a moment of amusement, which may or may not be adequate compensation for that moment of my time.

My favorite continues to be “My {Head|Brain} Literally Exploded!”

Really? Your {head|brain} literally, not figuratively, exploded? Exactly how, then, were you able to communicate that to me? The implications of communications post-{head|brain}-explosion are large.

The (possibly) up side
  • it would constitute proof of life after death
  • it would explain a lot about politics

The down side
  • there did not seem to be a difference in your communication (or cognitive) abilities pre- or post-{head|brain}-explosion

I can't help but think that that last bit is unlikely to support whatever argument you were mounting.

My point is that I regard drama as symptomatic of FAIL. Even when it doesn't involve some random out-of-band ping, the reasons I see it seem to be sortable into:

  1. silly Internet Drama from people who really should know better
  2. exuberant marketing
  3. something really has gone very wrong

1 and 2 are often interchangeable, and only 3 is important.

I am of course prepared to change my position, given credible evidence that I am wrong. Much drama, associated with everything being demonstrably All Better Now, would do nicely.

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